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    報名考試 開放日預約


    Our college preparatory program helps prepare you for the next step and your life beyond the Arch. 

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    During students’ junior and senior years, the college counselors work with students, individually and in groups, to move from the general to the specific in the college admissions process. Students are guided in selecting an appropriate range of college choices, completing the admissions process at those schools, and, ultimately, selecting which institution to attend. 

    Students have access to a college admissions library with material from more than 1,500 institutions, computer software programs for test preparation, and financial aid information. The college counselors are available for conferences during Fall and Winter Family Weekends, and for individual appointments.


    Junior Year


    During Winter Term, students meet with the college counselors to discuss:

    擇校選擇 College options 

    錄取標準 Admissions criteria 

    分數要求 SAT/ACT scores SAT/ACT 

    信息來源 Sources of information 

    最初的職業設想 Initial career thoughts 


    During Spring Term, students will be assigned a counselor and will discuss:

    初步的擇校名單 Preliminary college lists 

    進一步了解目標學校 Learning more about targeted schools 

    夏季參觀計劃 Summer visit plans 


    Senior Year


    The initial emphasis is on narrowing a student’s list of college choices in preparation for the application process itself. Each student’s college counselor oversees the application process. Assistance is also provided in scheduling college visits during Fall Break as well as admission interviews with area representatives. Students also meet with college admission representatives who visit SSM.

    校園開放日 Campus Open Day reservation
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